Wang dang sweet new template

All joy and praise to Blogger for the mad new templates. That green-and-orange number I started with was just reminding me way too much of ... Ted Nugent. A member of Tribe Nuge I'm not, but ... maybe I should explain.
Rural Missouri -- my people called it 'miz-ZUR-ee', not 'miz-ZUR-ruh' -- is a good place to be from (ahem). One of it's more charming aspects is the annual swarm of cicadas (and I'm dismayed that I'll miss this year's 'Brood X' hatch -- remind me to tell you that story). One of it's, shall we say, challenges is that the collective wardrobe of the population contains an improbable amount of bright orange and dull green. The orange is 'blaze orange', a highly visible shade that outdoorsmen wear so they don't get shot by other hunters. The dull green figures in the hundreds of varieties of camouflage, worn by the hunters that get shot by other hunters. ('Do they really shoot each other?' you ask. 'Indeed.')
But I was talking about the Nuge. In case you were wondering if the bow-hunting sportsman and host of 'Spirit of the Wild' is the same Ted Nugent that was once known as the Motor City Madman, heis. Nugent was favorite of the hessians who road my school bus and was duly feared by upstanding, church-going folk like my parents. Ironically, now that Nugent's main line is promoting hunting, my dad watches his show all the time and has even seen him in concert (although Dad says the guitar's still too loud). Next: Alice Cooper takes over Martha Stewart Enterprises.
Anyway, now I've got this rather snooty template, which I'll probably get tired of quicker than you can say 'Cat Scratch Fever'.


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