New Europe votes Kerry

Anticipating the US elections, I'm getting sick with nerves. I check the news every five minutes in the hopes that I'll find something to ease my mind. Not bloody likely. Given the likelihood of recounts, law suits and allegations of chicanery, we probably won't know the outcome on Wednesday morning. Hell, we might not know the outcome in January.

A couple local servers are polling their readers on the US race. All those I've seen give Kerry a handy win. A poll at iDnes.cz has Kerry nearly twice as many votes as Bush; as of this posting, it was Kerry at 2767 to Bush's 1480. Kerry also clobbers Bush in the Prague Post poll with 63.3% of 643 votes; Nader picks up 5%. An Atlas.cz poll has the race closer: with Kerry getting 53.1% of the vote and Bush garnering 40.1%. The pragmatists at Atlas also give voters the options of selecting 'jiný kandidát' or 'nešel bych volit'. Czech World News takes a slightly different angle, asking 'Who will win the election in the USA?', not 'Who would you vote for?'. Kerry still holds out, with 55.17%.


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