The plot boggles

I think the drama in Iraq needs a new narrator, because I don't know how we arrived at this latest development: U.S. Troops Raid Chalabi's Headquarters in Iraq

"They have been putting political pressure on us for weeks. It's part of an attempted character assassination and it's politically motivated, but it won't work," Moussawi said.

"When someone stands up independently and puts his views firmly it appears the Americans don't like it, it scares them."

Moussawi said he did not know what the raid was related to, but called it a worrying development. "They think they can do whatever they want. They didn't even have a warrant."

But wasn't Chalabi the guy who ...? When he said there was ...? So we said we ought to ...? And then we ...? Because he said ...? But then we didn't ...? And no one else ...? So it turns out that ...? Then we learned that ...? And suddenly ...?


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