Better than in the Maly sal

Last night's party was at the Zanzibar tent outside the Thermal. Actually, the real party was the MTV bash at Roxy-Lazne I, but we didn't have VIP cards, so we went with the punters to the Mistri party. In addition to Mistri director Marek Najbrt and producer Pavel Strnad there were Jiří Macháček and Tereza Brodská (who is so fine). Also Silny Cafe director Börkur Gunnarsson, who was was giving Radio Prague journalist Ian Willoughby an earful about the sorry state of modern football and journalism. Ahem.

And at noon, the mayor of Karlovy Vary gave Jacqueline Bisset a special prize (Oof! -- Right in the Velky sal!) In her interviews, Bisset goes on at some length about her clothes and who over the years has lighted her the best.

Now here's a murky story: Three German women apparently drove 16 hours just to see Elijah Wood. They turn up at his presser yesterday and present him with a large envelope, which -- like the innocent he apparently is -- he opens in front of everyone. In addition to chocolates and cookies, there's a big photo montage of him and another Rings star (Orlando Bloom?) doing things to each other that will get you arrested in many states. (Oof! -- Right in the Velky sal!) Doctored photos, mind you. He just sorta smirked and said 'That's too much'. and put the picture down. Totally unruffled.

Which brings me to a debate I just had with my colleague here. Does anyone not understand the term 'beefcake' as it might be applied in the above anecdote? Buehler? Anyone?

Tonight I'm going to try to catch Cowboys & Angels and either House of Sand and Fog or The Machinist.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Scott said...

I thought beefcake was for boys and cheesecake was for girls.

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