Kick 'em when they're down

I'm in Karlovy Vary at the 39th KVIFF, working on the festival's daily paper. It's not really journalism -- more like PR. So, for example, tomorrow's issue will not include the following paragraphs:

The quest for the Crystal Globe has only just begun and already the field has been narrowed by one. KVIFF announced Wednesday that the Slovenian entry Beneath her Window would be removed from the Official Selection.
The film, from director Metod Pevec, screened at the Ljubljana Film Festival last autumn. Per International Federation of Film Producers Association (FIAPF) rules, films that have screened in competition at other international festivals are not eligible for the KVIFF Official Selection.

Producer Danijel Hocevar told the Karlovy Vary program board that, despite his long career in film production, he had not been sufficiently familiar with the FIAPF regulations to that Window could not compete at KVIFF.
Although out of competition, Window will still screen at KVIFF.

Us hacks on the daily are working on Macs, because ... because we just do, okay? Now I used to be fully adept in Mac, but in the last couple years I haven't used one and now I'm completely flummoxed. We're cursed with blue IDs, as opposed to the red ones that get you into the best parties, and generally get no respect. Not that we deserve it or anything. Plus, the best part of the festival is getting into places you're not supposed to be (like using that secret entrance to the Thermal's Velky sal).

The star factor looks a little better this year than last. Supposedly showing up are Colm Meaney, John Cleese, Harvey Keitel, Charlie Kaufman. Sherilyn Fenn. Jacqueline Bisset is apparently coming, although no one is sure why.

I'm finding that most of the things I want to write here ... gossipy hearsay and unkind anecdotes about ... can you infer that I'm talking about ... and that as you might have expected ... oh, just ask me about it when I get back.


At 11:52 AM, Blogger Douglas said...

I think it should be a rule that every time Sherilyn Fenn's name is mentioned, it should be in italics.

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just who is Sherilyn Fenn?

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