Of course, he'll lose the electoral college

Kerry continues to hold the lead in Czech polls, with the exception of the Czech World News poll, where Bush has moved in front with 52.94% of 34 votes (How does that work?).

Elsewhere in the Czech Republic, it's a Kerry landslide. The iDnes poll has Kerry with 9570 votes to Bush's 5124 (and the votes are coming in faster than I can keep track). Český rozhlas has Kerry with 61.4%, Bush with 32.0%, 'někomu jinému' with 5.0%, and 'nehlasoval(a) bych' with 2.0%.

The Prague Post's poll has Kerry winning with 59.7% of respondents, Bush 35.2% and Nader 5.1%. (I don't mean to criticise unnecessarily, but the Post's poll raises a couple questions, namely, Why have they put Kerry [begins with K] ahead of Bush [begins with B]? Maybe it's because the senator's ahead in the race. And why Nader but not Badnarik or Peroutka? I mean, sure, they won't get even as many votes as Nader, but their names sound Czecher.)

Across the border, Sme has a relatively close poll, with Kerry at 51%, Bush 43% and Neviem 7%. The Slovak Spectator has local beer leading the race with 52% of respondents, Kofola at 31% and mineral water with 17%. Wait, wrong poll. Oh well. Interesting to know that the summer drink poll had 1071 responses while only 572 Spectator readers had an opinion on 'Should Slovak forces be withdrawn from Iraq?' (55% said 'yes').

In Bulgaria, the Sofia Echo also has its thumb on the throbbing pulse of public opinion. According to their poll 100% of respondents are watching Big Brother.