Whose movie is it anyway?

Lidove noviny film editor Darina Křivánková says good riddance to the Czech films of 2005. She points out that a record 22 films will be competing for the 2005 Czech Lions, the Czech equivalent of the Oscars, but that most of them stink -- including some produced with the help of the state fund for the development and support of Czech cinematography.

Unfortunately, Křivánková writes, 2006 isn't off to a better start, judging by two new releases this month: Ještě žiju s věšákem, plácačkou a čepicí ('Still Living', opened 5 January) and Jak se krotí krokodýli ('How to Ride Crocodiles', opens 12 January). 'Still Living' was produced by public broadcaster Česká televize, which received support from the state fund for the project. 'Crocodiles' was produced by private broadcaster TV Nova, savings bank Poštovní spořitelna and energy utility RWE Transgas, among others. It's one thing if private investors like Nova want to help produce crap films, Křivánková writes, but it's quite another to spend public funds on them.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Douglas said...

One of the things that's always surprised and saddened me about both pre- and post-'89 Czech film is how many filmmakers go into production without strong scripts. You'd think that a script, which costs probably the least amount to produce, would be the easiest thing to put together, but it apparently isn't.

Screenwriting is where most films fail, but Czech films especially.


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