Vewy powewful und pwecise

As I mentioned earlier, Bryn's on vacation. I was able to speak to him just now via Teamspeak, thanks to Lufthansa's in-flight wifi connection. The airline is offering complimentary in-flight wifi access until 31 May. (In the future, the service will cost passengers USD 38.) The connection was at least as clear as the one we use when Bryn's in Prague. I could hear that ambient jet rumble and the children sitting near him. Bryn said it reminded him of the first time he saw images from space that had been taken only minutes earlier.

Of course, this means that during some future flight you could be subject to a fate worse than sitting on the train next to that jackass with the mobile phone.

Bryn also reports that the plane's seats' headrests have retractable wings that you can fold forward to cradle your head as you sleep, allowing your drool to fall on the person next to you. How cool is that?


At 8:14 PM, Blogger LitheCockroach said...

It's what I've been waiting for.

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