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"If that's your best, your best won't do" -- Dee Snider

Since Doug is otherwise occupied this week, I'll pick up the mantle of minding the Czech press. Two stories jumped out at me tonight (and damn near got my wallet): Dajdou wants to go into politics, and Dolly Buster is suing the state for financial mismanagement. Both women are demonstrating a damn-the-torpedos attitude that reminds me of President Klaus.

If you're not familiar with Dajdou, you should be. If you're not in the know as regards Nora Baumberger, aka Dolly Buster, she's the lead EP candidate for the Independent Initiative (NEI). Now please try to keep up.

Anyway, Blesk put the Dajdou story on page one, below the fold. The poor translation below is mine.

Dajdou: I'm going to be a politician

Anna Gleisnerová (18), also known as the "Czech Dajdou" has set her sites to politics! "But I haven't chosen party yet, because each one is worse than the next," the ever-critical Anička told Blesk.

"Each one has a bad platform. I would simply do things differently," says Anička, who would participate in municipal politics once she comes of age.

The young anti-star of the "Česko hledá SuperStar" television contest show wants to change the world for the better. And she believes that she is well suited to be a politician. "In a year, when I'm of age, then I'll see my candidacy realistically," says Anička.

"I don't know, but I think that people will vote for me when they hear my radical opinions." For a moment she hesitates, but quickly adds with confidence that she is broadly gifted and is better than almost everyone, and so she has the best background for a political career.

And then there's this story from ČTK about Dolly Buster, or as the agency calls her for the first time I've noticed, Nora Baumberger. Does this mean the former porn star is gaining more mainstream cred? Is Nusle gentrifying?

"I learnt from citizens that the Czech state debt has been growing in the past years. [Now here's a politician who's in the loop. -ts] This made me believe that the state is unable optimally to manage its finances," she said.

Of course, the pity is that the Prague 1 District State Attorney's Office will blow off Baumberger's complaint because a) she's done the nasty, repeatedly, on film, for money, and b) it's an election year. Discuss.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Vladan says he's voting for her, if that counts as "mainstream credibility."

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And on a lighter note than pure chicago lawyer , check out the funniest trial transcript ever! If it's not serious enough of a topic, well, just pretend it's the Brit's version of chicago lawyer !

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