She's not coming

Several times a day, the phones of all the journalists at KV twitter and beep simultaneously as we receive another text spam from the festival press office. Usually it announces that a press conference has been rescheduled or a press screening has been cancelled. Last night it was to remind everyone that spolocensky oblek was required at the Media Party. As if.

Other text message today: John Cleese doesn' t want to be photographed at the presser. Huh.

The really useful information just sort trickles and oozes around the Thermal, however. Like the news that Sherilyn Fenn is not coming. Just as well, I suppose. I was just getting my mojo up to interview her, as our Czech colleagues hadn't a clue who she was, which would have meant that as soon as they knew we had an interest in her, some enterprising young hack would cherry-pick the interview and leave me standing there with my tape recorder in my hand, as it were. Not that I'm bitter.

Tomorrow I've got Samira Makhmalbaf. The Guardian ran this bit of worshipful drool as a lead-up to the release of her latest film. I really don't know what to expect. The interview was supposed to be today, but she begged off. Her handler said she was exhausted -- she had just arrived in town after a flight from Tehran -- and had 'a problem'.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger Scott said...

You've got to get pumped for this interview. "Samira, I've been reading about you. You seem really unpleasant. Why is that?"

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