Gone huntin'

Getting back to my red-state roots for a couple weeks. I know you'll miss me. Some things to ponder while I'm away.

*Iraq needs help. No. I mean really. I still owe you my notes from the RFE/RL roundtable. Highlights include:
- Me getting spanked -- spanked! -- when I suggested maybe semi-autonomous regions might not be such a bad idea.
- The Shii'a representative saying with a straight face 'We are working with non-Muslim groups'.
- The Sunni representative saying that, although Sunnis would not recognise the validity of the elections, the elections must go foward.
- The Sunni representative saying that 'all of Iraq's problems are caused by neighboring countries' and pointedly not naming those countries, including the one whose name rhymes with 'you wait'.
- The Kurd representative saying, in response to the rather strange question 'Do your parties support the Iraqi army': 'Kurdistan has its own army.'

AvP. How come the interior of that pyramid was so well lit?

Czech democracy. As Doug points out, more than a small amount of the Czech population want their communism back. Bad on MfD for not reporting what the precise question was. Expressing 'nostalgia for the Communist era' may simply mean they got laid a lot in the seventies. Or could be they miss a time when they weren't being hassled to the polls to go vote for ODS again. Or not.

Aight. Got an early flight tomorrow. You kids be good and don't give your grandma a hard time. And no TV until you finish your homework.


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