Kraslice seeks to revive traditional cinema

The Karlovy Vary issue of Právo reports today that the Kraslice city hall has begun looking for someone to take over the town's recently closed cinema. The city is now in discussion with a firm that is trying to revive traditional 'biograf' cinemas in smaller towns. Here's the full Czech text of the article as posted on the UFD site.

Právo doesn't name the firm or give details about the closed cinema. The report does indicate that it was city hall that formerly ran the cinema, but that they gave up because it was losing too much money. Presumably the cinema was in the town's culture center.

Films could be screened in Kraslice's culture center on the puppet stage. Another solution could be digital screenings. These would help Kraslice get new films sooner, according to Kraslice mayor Lubomír Zach. The city would first have to buy new digital equipment, which would run about CZK 500,000.

There have been a slew of stories in the press lately about the plight of small cinemas facing competition from multiplexes. I'll post more of them here as time allows.


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