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I'm more optimistic about Ukraine's future than I am about what the US has coming. I went to the US looking for ways I could help. I can't. America doesn't want help -- at least not the America I saw. The America I saw (granted, it was rural Missouri) is very happy with the way things are going. Ben Sargent sums it up perfectly here.

It's time for deep blue staters should consider supporting Libertarian candidates. The Big Government that the GOP has been squawking about forever has emerged. It's a heavy-handed, intrusive federal government that is restricting states' rights all over the map. From gay marriage in Massachusetts to medical marijuana in California, Washington is determined to silence the majority of voters in less-than-red states and enforce a country-fried agenda on the unwilling. Call it the talibanization of America.

Of course, you could try secession. Or emigration.

So I'm following events in Ukraine with interest. Will they preserve the Union? Probably. I'd been thinking I was contrary in rooting for the separatists until I remembered that Czechoslovakia achieved a peaceful and fairly amicable split in 1993. (Of course, Slovakia got the very short end of that stick, but it showed that separatism can work. Or not.)

RFE/RL reports that former Czech President Havel is firmly behind the people in the Ukraine. Here's his statement, originally in Czech, sent from Taiwan where Havel was on a visit (translation by Magda Sebestova of RFE/RL):

Dear Citizens,

Allow me to greet you in these dramatic days when the destiny of your country is being decided for decades ahead. You have its future in your hands. All trustworthy organizations, both local and international, agree that your demands are just. That is why I wish you strength, perseverance, courage and good fortune with your decisions.

Yours truly,

Vaclav Havel

Somebody tuck Vášek in -- he's plainly exhausted.

At any rate, the Radio is hosting a roundtable 1 December on 'Ukraine: What next?' If you want to go, RSVP by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow at lukaso@rferl.org.


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My family lost people very close to us on 9/11, many people.

F--- those rag heads. We need to exterminate all terrorists no matter what the cost.

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